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Guidance on State and Federal Compliance

With so many laws and regulations that California businesses have to follow, it can be daunting for an employer to know if they are in compliance not to mention keeping up with the constant changes and updates. Whether you have questions on guidance or applicable laws or you want assistance with maintaining compliance, we can help employers stay up to date. SimpliHR can be a resource for employers for a wide range of questions or solutions and can help to educate employers with California State and Federal compliance.

Services offered: 

  • New hire and termination checklists

  • I9 Audits

  • Employee handbooks        

  • Job descriptions                             

  • Compliance audits               

  • Tracking Leave of Absence (CFRA, FMLA, PDL, etc...) 

  • Wage and hour questions

  • Employee relations (proper disciplinary documentation)

  • COVID assistance-Tracking, documenting, as well as compliance reporting

  • Customizable based on business needs

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