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SimipliHR provides customized support to each company based on their organizational needs

Most companies doing business in California are aware that there are extensive laws, rules and regulations which are ever-changing. Our goal is to simplify human resources to make it easy to understand and provide guidance that is specialized to your business. SimpliHR delivers direct, concise solutions that will improve business functions as well as help to attract and retain your best workforce. Please get in touch with us today to learn how SimpliHR can help your future success.

California and Federal Compliance

Ensuring you have the proper paperwork required for your employees can feel overwhelming. SimpliHR can assist with creating checklists or prepare documents, as well as providing guidance on various situations to help your company maintain compliance.

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Onsite Human Resources

Onsite assistance whether you have a current HR team or are looking to get started with specific HR projects.

Direct Hiring and Recruiting

SimpliHR provides full service recruiting to help hire and retain your best workforce.

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